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Tom Fedro In the News

Security Magazine: A Good Backup Strategy: Your Best Defense Against Ransomware

OC Tech Alliance: Tom Fedro Announced as a Finalist in the 22nd Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards

Storage Newsletter: Paragon and Insight Integrated Systems Partner

Deployment Manager is the perfect solution for any system integrator or IT department that needs to deploy images quickly, efficiently and in MA.

Enterprise Storage: Paragon Software Targets OEMs, VARs With Niche Storage Tech

“We focus on developing technology that fills gaps in the market. Often our software addresses a need that is at the early stages of permeating systems.”

SoCalTech: Paragon Software Deploys into Space

InformationWeek: Upgraded Storage Standard Causes Headaches Paragon Trumpets Revenue Growth and Hiring…

InformationWeek: “Disk Alignment Tools Help Maximize High Capacity Drives

“Every day we’re getting pounded by mid-enterprise level organizations, consumers and small businesses about alignment issues.”

Computer Technology Review: “Paragon Software unveils its Paragon Alignment Tool 3.0

“Over the past year, we have seen a steady interest from home users and small businesses for our alignment technology. Not only do we expect that trend to continue, we also anticipate that every company from mid-enterprise to the Fortune 1000 firms will encounter alignment issues as they migrate to virtual environments and 4K Advance Format hard drives.”

OC Metro: “Best Company to Work For

ChannelPro: “When Disaster Strikes

CIOL: “Paragon Unviels HFS for Windows


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