Retaining Employees during Tough Times

The Cost of Capital
September 20, 2012
Business Continuity in the Wake of Sandy
November 2, 2012
Tom Fedro

At Paragon, we strive to ensure our employees know they are valued. With so much negativity in the economy, employees can become nervous about their own income…they see their neighbors losing their homes, friends being laid off and losing their jobs, stores closing, and the like. It is vitally important to keep morale up.

To that end, we hold quarterly outings, we volunteer in our community as a group, we seek out and reward those individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty. Working at a software development company can be stressful. Day in and day out, the sales team is cranking out the phone calls and holding webinars. The channel managers are reaching out and developing relationships with new VARs and OEMs. The support staff is fielding technical questions from internal users, helping customers, testing new software versions and troubleshooting among other things. Everyone is driving hard toward the stretch goals we have established as a company.

To recognize their exceptional efforts, the operations and marketing teams help us plan relaxing events where we can all “let our hair down” so to speak…lunches at ocean front restaurants, bowling competitions, target shooting, and volleyball on the beach for example. These types of events are important to build relationships among team members and help us get to know each other as individuals.

We must be doing something right. The Orange County Business Journal named Paragon Software as One of the Best Places to Work in 2012.  We are very proud of what we have built here over the past several years and are very excited about our trajectory as we continue our record breaking climb up and to the right with our revenues, profits and most importantly employee moral and enthusiasm!

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