Daniel P. Culler


The biggest thing I have learned from Tom Fedro’s Next Level Selling is when to walk away from a sale -- and yes, there are times when you should do so. For example, instead of courting a client that isn’t going to buy (or invest in my case), cut your losses early by using Tom’s analysis and go seek a sure thing. Developing this kind of ground-level vision is sure to save a lot of time and make the playing field much more profitable.

Mark Wagner

CEO, EdTechTeam

 I shared the book with my sales team before I even finished it! Next Level Selling is more streamlined than the Sandler system and it's more focused on closing big deals. It clarifies the relationship between marketing and sales well, and is perfectly timed for the next phase or our team's growth

Tim Marshall

President, Neudesic Services

In Next Level Selling, Fedro will show you how to change your tactics to encourage success in high value deals, and make time for new (and better) habits. Excellent, and well worth the read.

Kent Savage

CEO/Investor/Entrepreneur/Board Member

Tom Fedro has spent years honing the art of high value technology sales. This engaging, hands-on book is the guide you need to break into the million dollar sales club and make it happen. Next Level Selling deserves a special place in your business library!” 

Tony White

CEO and Founder, enChoice, Inc.

“This book covers everything you need to know about selling highvalue deals. The key is to have a clearly-defined process and to follow it religiously. It is all in this book, set out in a logical and readable form. Being in the same business myself, I will use it to enhance our own processes. It will definitely also become required reading for our salespeople.”

Jack Finnell

CEO ,Growth Accelerators and Author of “Do You Want to Be a Leader or a Manager?....If You can Do One, You Can Do Both.”

Kudos to Tom Fedro for bestowing his easy-to-understand wisdom to industrial Sales Execs everywhere.  Next Level Selling is a superior road-map of how PAM will escort you to the highest economic levels by helping you find the Pain, Authority and Money to win the high-end transactions.  Selling multi-million dollar deals isn’t easy; however, Tom shows you how to accomplish it with logic, respect, integrity and authority.  I am going to start gifting this book to Sales friends, VPs of Sales friends, Consulting friends and CEO friends everywhere. On behalf of all of us, thanks for creating this, Tom.  We owe you, sir!

Christopher Catranis

Founder of Babylon Telecommunications and bestselling author of Disruptive Leadership

“Next Level Selling is a tantalizing journey into high-level sales and the challenges and triumphs you’ll encounter. Fedro’s humility and unwavering honesty is a refreshing voice in an industry dominated by more ‘how to’ books than probably any other. This book is not only highly informative, but it also restores faith in the tenacity, resilience and humanity of today’s salespeople.”

David Fuess

CEO, Catapult Systems and bestselling author of Why They Buy

“As a sales entrepreneur myself, who has been on a similar path to the author, I was skeptical of the value that I’d derive from the book. I’m happy that didn’t stop me from reading — there are a lot of insights, perspectives and tactics I hadn’t considered before that I hope to adapt and put to use in my own ventures.”

Ken Schmitt

CEO & Founder, Turning Point Executive Search

The main takeaway for me from Next Level Selling is the no-nonsense, real-world examples that Tom Fedro uses to illustrate his easy and quick assessment, PAM (Pain, Authority, and Money) – if you don’t have it, there’s no sale. It doesn’t get any simpler than that and without it, you will never close million dollar transactions! This a book worth your time and will provide you reality based examples for companies both small and large, start up and mature, profitable and in turnaround mode.

Rocky Foroutan

CEO, LenderHomePage.com

I've read a lot of books on sales  and Tom Fedro's Next Level Selling is my new favorite. This book is different from others in the way it establishes a brilliant and easy to follow method to sniff out a sale (or not) and close it. If you’re tired of wasting time with deals that don’t close, you need this book.

Peter Matuchniak

CTO, Maxxess Systems Inc.

As a Senior-level IT-professional for the past 30 years I've come across more salespeople than most software engineers typically do; this was especially true during the heady days of the dot-com explosion where small companies punched above their weight in David and Goliath scenarios. Time and again I witnessed first-hand what separated the best salesperson from the rest which directly resulted in the success of the company. Tom Fedro's book captures that very essence of a successful salesperson, one that sees and seizes the opportunity. I have also had the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Fedro at a small Telecom company that grew rapidly as a result of a few key personnel.

Jade Runnells

CEO, Firstimpulse

This is a key read for a great foundational sales approach and a straight forward method for identifying and landing the deal.

Ted Larkins

Best-selling author of “Get To Be Happy”

This book enables so many others to benefit from Tom Fedro’s successful sales experience and knowledge. It demystifies why he has been so consistently successful, leading a team of diverse sales professionals, and helping create multiple, exceptionally profitable businesses. He distills his approach to sales leadership into eight steps that you need to know, supported throughout the book by anecdotes and stories to bring them to life. This is a great book for CEOs, as well sales people, looking to get the next level in generating profitable revenue

Jess Hartmann

Vistage Chair CEO, ProMAX Systems

As a CEO tasked with helping my salespeople build healthy habits to bring in the big whales of our industry, Next Level Selling is the playbook I have been searching for. Not only does the book offer actionable items I can teach my sales team, but I can also refer them to read and implement the ideas themselves. The format is powerful and simple. This should be taught in all business schools.”

Martyn Fricker

General Manager, Emida International

In “Next Level Selling - The Definitive Guide to Closing High Dollar Deals”, Tom Fedro explains how he closes big sales in the technology space. As one working in this space, allow me to say two things. First, it’s really hard work. Second, having known Tom for a few years, I know when he sets a goal, he gets it done.  As such, I’d recommend this book – especially to those working in senior management & sales and marketing roles in small to medium technology companies.

Hugo Teixeira

CEO & Administrador, Farmodietica USA & SA Portugal

Next Level Selling is a very practical handbook for individuals and sales teams, establishing a few but meaningful concepts that help you to stay focused on what can make the difference for selling and achieve success. It explains with real examples the basics of these ideas, giving you a clearer picture of what you have ahead and help you make an easy to follow roadmap for sales."

Paula Johns

CEO, Paula Johns Communications

Tom’s book is a must-read for each and every person committed to successfully selling to the largest and most elite entities in their industry – just as Tom has done throughout his illustrious career. I highly recommend reading this book, but more importantly, following Tom’s process to analyze the viability of any sale – which is an acronym he cleverly calls PAM. A great read for any CEO or sales leader

Greg Elliott


Next Level Selling is a fast, fun and educating read. Tech insiders and anyone who believes in compacting the sales process will delight in this book. Highly recommended.

Dennis Andrews

Former Xerox Divisional President / CEO of SCI / CEO of eCatalystOne / CEO of Debisys

I have worked with Tom at two different companies.  His message in NEXT LEVEL SELLING is based on actual practice and much success. One of the core concepts Tom keynotes is to focus on PAM. Fedro makes it clear that if you can’t find pain, authority, and money in a potential customer - then hit the road. Fedro makes a compelling argument that in the case of sales, you shouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time - yours or the client.”

Greg Albertyn

President, Pacific Power Reps and Motocross World Champion

This special book will change how you approach any sales opportunity you encounter.  There are so many sales books out there, but this book gives you real life insight into a practical approach of making a deal.  There is no “hard” selling here; it completely aligns your offering with your customers’ needs. There are so many sales books out there, packed with high- level ideas. Not “Next Level Selling. Somehow, Tom Fedro has packed it all in: innovative new concept of PAM: seeking pain, authority and money in a sale, practical steps for easy implementation and memorable, entertaining stories that bring PAM to life. This book will change your destiny!

Brian Hoshiko

Director of SaaS Operations, CalAmp/LoJack

Quick and easy read with a valuable format. I've read a lot to maintain my edge in business and have a strong bias for concise books with actionable information. Next Level Selling presents information in sensible chapters that end with a case study and "Lessons Learned." The stories make the lessons very memorable, helping me in my technology leadership role better assist and sometimes question my sales team more effectively.  Highly recommended! A must read!

Beverly Lages

Lages & Associates

As one who does marketing for a living, I’ve read my fair share of books on marketing & sales leadership and most are full of lengthy stories that fill the pages but provide very little substance (kind of like that sales person we all know who talks too much!) That’s the exact opposite of what you will find in Next Level Selling. I found not only a unique perspective on leadership, but most importantly I found a sense of genuineness that is missing from many so-called leaders these days.

Shane Belovsky

Chief Operating Officer, Emida Technologies

Next Level Selling is a great book for anyone who is frustrated with their current sales process and close rates. Fedro offers some excellent tips and real world case studies to help any organization improve their win column.  Strongly recommended as a solid read that you will refer to often.

Jayson Yardley

CEO, AvadyneHealth

Next-Level Selling is a Great Read!  Tom Fedro provides a methodology and detailed approach that can guide newer and seasoned sales professionals to close large deals and expand client relationships.  His case studies provide real-life examples to achieve sales success.”

Tom Prosia

Founder and President, BeMarketDo

I’ve known Tom Fedro for over 20 years and he’s always brought the process of high-value sales to the next level; successfully selling software and services in multiple technology categories and vertical markets. He’s had success at every stage of his career…and more importantly, he consistently guides his teams to success.  This is a practical book and a valuable resource, highly recommended for those ready to accelerate their performance!”

Ali Razi

Founder & CEO, Banc Certified Merchant Services

“Next Level Selling provides lots of great advice for anyone in the sales profession. Whether you close high-ticket deals or mid-ticket deals, you’ll benefit enormously from this new sales bible.”

Mark Nureddine

CEO, Bull Outdoor Products and bestselling author of Pocket Mentor

“The tips are great and reflect true wisdom. Tom explains how he discovered all the commonalities to his top sales and admits areas where he learned to do things differently. Makes for a good and enlightening read, especially the case studies.”

Bob Carlson

CEO, The Carlson Company

This book is an indispensable roadmap for approaching your clients, and its informative content will consistently provide reading anticipation.  When I met PAM in the early pages, I knew I had to be on her team.  I certainly recommend Next Level Selling to achieve high dollar sales.”
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