‘Set It and Forget It’ Data Protection Addresses Today’s Critical Business Challenges

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July 20, 2019
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July 21, 2019

Organization today rely upon technology trends- from cloud, big data, and more – to manage and manipulate ever-valuable data. The Direction these top trends have taken indicate data is the currency of today’s business economy. The need to remain vigilant about protecting data is therefore essential. Indeed, data loss can push organizations to the brink, leading to financial setbacks of millions of dollars or more.

Paragon Software Group offers Backup and Disaster (BDR) solutions to safeguard an organization’s critical data. “Paragon’s set it and forget it’ approach ensure all data, whether on a server or workstation, is available and secure, so businesses can focus on the kaleidoscope of other issues spinning on their plates,” says Tom Fedro, President, Paragon Software Group.

With its established product portfolio, Paragon garners worldwide acclaim for its image-based BDR software. From ease of use and implementation, to effectively protecting data spanning physical and virtual environments, the company’s products offer world-class features and performance.

“Our Hard Disk Manager (HDM) offering promises he ultimate in data protection along with quick data access through advanced BDR and system optimization,” says Fedro. Built on Paragon’s innovative imaging technology, HDM empowers organizations to protect important data assets-easily and cost effectively. “HDM ensures our customers never lose control of the latest version of their assignments, presentation of research projects,” add Fedro. HDM is also ideal for archiving separate files or folder through its file-based backup feature.

Also focused on centralized BDR management is Paragon Protect and Restore (PPR), the company’s flagship BDR offering for VMware, Hyper-V and other hypervisors, and physical systems, all in a single solution PPR delivers full and incremental backups or replicase of critical enterprise systems and their hosted data.

In an implementation highlight, a Paragon client was in need of an advanced BDR solution for 20 physical servers and 300 workstation in order to migrate to a new virtual infrastructure within a relatively short period of time. The client wanted to replace its existing backup software before the migration, while also optimizing costs.

Through an investment in PPR, the custom er more than achieved its goals. PPR’s Launch Backup feature provided a wizard-driven interface for selecting an existing backup and restoring it into a new VMware virtual machine. The customer initiated the wizard, selected each system’s most recent recovery point, and then specified configuration settings for the resulting virtual machine. From there, PPR handled the conversion process.

“Once the migration was complete, all systems were accessible to users, and PPR continued to seamlessly protect each system under pre-existing backup policies,” says Fedro. “With PPR, we meta ll fo the customer’s migration requirements an opened up a wealth of new disaster recovery capabilities for their business as well.”

Paragon has made it a mission to bring enterprise-class features to the budget-conscious small to mid-size market, and in doing so, has broken new ground. Fedro adds, “Paragon leverages its extensive experience working with the largest OEMs in the world. It offers and incredibly nimble approach to business and customer partnerships that is simply not found with our BDR competitors.”

This content was originally published by CIO Review, the September 2015 issue



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