Save Time by Boosting Your Hard Drive’s Performance

Tom Fedro
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November 9, 2011
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January 3, 2012


By Tom Fedro

With a complex and constantly expanding global network as the standard environment at major telecommunications companies, their IT staff members are challenged to find windows of opportunity to implement new, major infrastructure or software upgrade projects; finding time to deploy new servers and storage appliances can be even harder. With this somewhat stressful and time compressed enviroment as the norm, imagine how it feels, just when you think you have everything up and running and synchronized, you start seeing the red lights blinking and servers dropping off the network intermittently – there is a serious performance problem somewhere that needs to be addressed – Now!

So it was with one of our major telecommunications clients. With 300 plus servers operating in a virtual environment and running on older server operating systems it was discovered the performance culprit was misaligned disk drives. To read about how they successfully addressed their alignment problems and chose a vendor for the solution, check out our Use Case Study: “Global Telecommunications Company Improves Performance of Virtual Servers with Partition Alignment Utilizing the
Paragon Alignment Tool

I have a friend operating a small business from home. He recently upgraded his hard drive but saved money by using the same Operating System, Windows XP. When he became frustrated with the slow performance of his new drive, I advised him to check the new drive’s partition alignment. It turned out that was exactly the problem and with a quick download from Paragon his troubles were behind him.

Whether you have a small business or an international enterprise, you are not immune to misaligned drives and the resulting poor server and workstation performance. Check your alignment!

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